Saturday, July 22, 2017

Reset CBR 150 R Throttle Position using a paperclip

Movement and wear on the throttle valve causes the degree of the throttle position sensor to change. To restore to its original state it is necessary to reset the throttle valve or we call reset TP.
To reset Throttle position on CBR 150 R is enough used paper clip. The paper clip is cut into two sections which will be used to connect to the connector pins in the DLC socket and to the socket on the ECT (Engine Cooled Temperature) sensor.

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Reset Trhottle position injection Honda CBR150R will not be successful if there is data stored on the ECU history of MIL flicker. Therefore, it must first reset the ECU and fix damage to the injection system to remove MIL flicker.
The steps to reset the TP is by connecting the paperclip connector on the two socket pins on the left side of the DLC. So when resetting the ECU does not need to be removed the conector, only set the key OFF. Remove the ECT socket then plug the other paperclip connector in this socket.
After the two connectors are installed, then position the shutter key ON. calculate the blink on the injection indicator on the speedometer that blink 3 times. Without seeing the blink, you can count up to 3 seconds then pull out paperclip connector from the ECT socket. So it will look blinking on MIL faster without pause and continue. This is a sign of successful TP reset such as the success of erasing history on ECU reset.

watch Reset CBR 150 R Throttle Position using a paperclip video on screen below.

To complete the reset of TP CBR150R by positioning the OFF key. Then disconnect the connector on the DLC and plug the socket into the the ECT. And Reset CBR 150 R Throttle Position using a paperclip has been completed easily, cheaply and correctly.

So article Reset CBR 150 R Throttle Position using this paperclip may be useful.

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