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Reset CBR150R ECU by using a paperclip

A reset ECU CBR 150R is used to refresh the ECU that can store datas. These datas are stored in the ecu that can reduce the accuracy of the injection system performance. But not all Datas can be seen but many of them can also appear in the form of some blink in fast, slow or both of them in the speedometer.

Data stored inside the ECU will cause the fuel mixture and ignition incorrectly. Consequently the engine rotation is unstable and can be felt, there is a rotation of stationary machine not smooth even can be disturbed like faltere or machine stop running. This data can be discarded by using the ECU reset because the data just a read only file.

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To reset the ecu can use a paper clip that is modified into a connector. you can also use pin or needles. From a paper clip can be made 2 pieces of conector. To reset the injection cbr will be needed both. But in this ecu reset it only uses a connector.

Step to reset CBR 150 R ECU by connecting connectors in DLC (Data Link Connector). Make no mistake choosing the pins on the connectors that need to be connected.. To reset the ECU connect 2 pins of the left-hand connector of the DLC. next step is turn on the key. If the connection of these two connectors pins is successful then the MIL or the injection indicator will continue to illuminate in no historical state and flash blinks sooner or later if there is a history on the ECU.

blink resulting from the above process shows the damage that there is an injection system. Damage can be just an occasional saggy socket, disconnected cable, or even a non-functioning sensor. Sensor damage is still rare. Some MIL blinking issues are just scraped wires or saggy or dirty sockets. 

The next step is to reset the CBR150R ECU injection by turning off the ignition. Connector still attached, turn the ignition. Leave for 3 seconds then disconnect the connector. And in 3 seconds again plug the connector there is DLC. The success of resetting the ECU on the CBR 150 R is a quick flicker to continue. But if there is no history that appears in the previous process then the MIL only lights up.

Watch Reset CBR150R ECU by using a paperclip vidoe on this screen.

If a previous MIL blink still appears on the motor condition being used. There may be problems such as loose connectors, dirty connectors, broken wires, or sensor damage. To find out this can be searched on google what blink code means in honda CBR 150 R. Or better take the motor to the nearest authorized workshop.

thank you for your attention in this Reset CBR150R ECU by using a paperclip article. hopefully usable.

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